December 02, 2005


i am long overdue to update this-- now that wintertime is rolling around i anticipate to update in early 2006... pls check back in a mth!!!

depeche mode- allstate arena 11/29/05 Posted by Picasa

went to see depeche mode the other night...the last time i saw them was in 1990 w/ Nitzer Ebb!???
was a fun, retrospective show. they did some of the "oldies". the arena was packed (not sure if it was sold out). the new album is actually quite good.

my friend larry got me into the very "restricted" meet and greet. it was just a "shake hands, photo & done" deal. but it's cool to have this photo for the memories...and no, i have no idea what "that guy"(martin gore) is wearing...he came out onstage and hour later with that outfit. what you can't see (or can you?) is his feathered wings too. his boots also had some feathers too and he was wearing some leather apron/skirt--except it covered his behind. i guess this is conservative considering the small leather outfits he used to wear in the "early days". oh yeah--he had some rooster cap on his head too that tied below his chin-but had a feather mohawk on top!? THAT's ENTERTAINMENT!

DEPECHE MODE concert tally:
May 30, 1988 at Blossom w/ O.M.D. (music for the masses tour)
June 26, 1990 at Blossom w/ Nitzer Ebb (violator tour)