April 09, 2005

K os/ Handsome Boy Modeling School- HOB

late show? early show? guess it depends how you look at it...

my friend randy asked me if i wanted to go to this show on friday--i said sure...he said it would be "late"...but figured: if he's game, i'm game.

randy met up w/ me and my friend liz around 11:30--had a few drinks and headed to HOB around 1:00 AM?!?! k'os was supposed to go on at 1:45-but didn't go on until 2:15 and played for 20 minutes!?? luckily we had a balcony/box seat--so we were hanging w some other friends. was a cool set--but disappointing to wait and see such a short set?! HBMS we ok--we stuck around for few tunes--but had too much "Schtick" going on w/ the audience..at 3AM--you just wanna hear music, dont' really need to see some "dog and pony show".

randy dropped me off at my car around 3:30 and i pointed out that we could hear the birds chirping...


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