March 20, 2005

duran duran tally

so friends are asking me--is this the "umteenth" time you've seen them..actually no.

confessions of a duranie:
1. 1985- Power Station (john & andy)...first concert ever actually!?)
**2. 1987- Notorious Tour @ Blossom (orinaly members:john, simon and nick)
3. 1993- Wedding Album (john, simon and nick)--*met them!!!!
4. 1996- Neurotic Outsiders (john's side project)--met john bc was working w/ opening band: fluffy--and john actually appeared at our meet and greet?!
5. 1997- Meddazaland tour (simon and nick). *day michael hutchence committed suicide--very sad when simon dedicated 'save a prayer' to michael and was crying onstage.
6. 2001- Pop Trash tour (simon and nick) at House of Blues
7.,8, & 9. 2003 x3 nights at House of Blues--reunion tour!! *SEE November 2004 blog entries
10. 2005- allstate arena.