October 25, 2001

Beta Band- Metro #483

October 21, 2001

Janes Addiction- Allstate Arena #482

October 10, 2001

Ryan Adams- Park West #481 (sold out)

October 09, 2001

No One - AllSate Arena #480

Virgin/Immortal Records artist. they were on some "pledge allegiance tour" with some bands like korn or something...i was there for political reasons. met the "president" of immortal: Happy Walters.

October 05, 2001

the strokes- metro #479 (sold out)

midnight show at metro...the band didn't go on until after 1:00am.(From what i remember). met up w/ friends early to "get the party started"...which involved JACK & COKES to keep me going since i had been in milwaukee the night before for BRMC and didn't get home until 3am the night before.

this was before the first strokes cd had come out. i got a 2 song sampler when i walked out and i remember coming home (after cabbing it home of course!?) and having to listen to it bc the show was soooo good.