August 30, 2002

Kinky, de la soul, modest mouse, flaming lips- aragon #520

*nettwerk artists: kinky.

was one of the hottest shows i've ever been just sat there and sweated. but had to see the flaming lips and it was worth the wait. they are just magical live. i've never taken acid--but i think seeing the flaming lips that nice helped "taste" it.

August 17, 2002

sonic youth - metro #519

*wore my x-girl shirt in honor of kim gordon. "cool cool thing"

August 06, 2002

Luce- Abbey Pub #518

nettwerk artist

Beth Orton/ Alex Lloyd- The Vic #517

August 02, 2002

Coldplay- The Vic (M2 $2 concert) #516 (sold out)

was a kick off for their new record: a rush of blood to the head. was the first time hearing the songs off this new album

was aired lived on MTV2...