May 18, 2005

Peter Murphy- Metro

went w/ friend fellow-murph adimirer: ofelia. although he mostly did newer stuff (and nothing off my FAVE record: love hysteria...). he's still one of my favorite performers and he still sounds great.

here's a great review i saw about "murph's" recent performance at coachella...sigh.

Kayt Canino(

How do you show that 48 isn't old, while at the same time not appearing like an aging rocker trying too hard? Try hanging upside down wrapped in black ribbons like a bat caught in a giant spider's web, and going straight for your most famous hit as the opener. With the trademark white light shining up from the stage, Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy bellowed out the long notes of "Bela Lugosi's Dead," as Kevin Haskins rim shots counted down the numbers of seconds Peter could stay suspended upside down.

Bauhaus completely ruled. Not one bad note. Not one missed beat. I think Kevin Haskins even added some equipment since I saw them in 1998, so even if he missed a beat, he'd have had 20 other drums to hit to cover it up. Daniel Ash, also thwarting middle-age, had on his "I'm-not-46-I'm-25" platform leather knee-high boots on, and gave a big finger to dudes like Bono who hide behind shades at every public appearance. David J had a verrrry expensive-looking fretless bass that he played so effortlessly I couldn't tell if he was bored or entranced by his own awesomeness.

The only cringe I made with the visuals was Peter's outfit, hair, okay the whole bit. He had on these weird pants that were really flowy and baggy at the bottom, and the kept flapping in the Indio wind. And his hair, was it white or bleached platinum? I couldn't tell. I was stuck at a point where I could barely see the stage. I'd tried to play "follow the dick" by jumping the train of people rudely pushing their way up to the front, but at one point I stepped on this girl and she said, "Hey, you're stepping on me," and I gave her a sad little cutey-wootey face and said, "I didn't mean to! I'm sorry!" Then she felt bad, so I didn't feel like pushing up any farther. Throughout the entire show, in between his posing and arm-raising, Peter would climb the scaffolding tower behind him and pose up there. It doesn't sound as marvelous as it was, but looking at it during the first few songs, I couldn't help but think, "That would be so great if he climbed up on that!"

Peter Murphy did his trademark posing-in-the-white light thing and the band rocked through "God in an Alcove," which I'm sure made a lot of people who thought Bauhaus only had two albums go, "Huh?" and made the rest of go, "Sweet!" Kevin Haskins played a fast, new disco beat to "She's in Parties" as if to say, "Hey Peter, we're sorry we recorded "Burning from the Inside" without you, but check out much more awesome this song sounds than "Slow Hands!"" Thank you David J for ending the song with the dub bass line and hypnotizing us for a good 5 minutes. "Passion of Lovers" also got a new face with a decidedly faster beat and we got to see a change in the shadows on Peter's face when the lights changed to red. Daniel revealed his Love and Rockets passion for the acoustic guitar on "Silent Hedges," and Peter posed some more with his pants flapping in the wind. They ended the night with "Rose Garden Funeral of Sores" and "Stigmata Martyr," and in my mind all I could think was, "Dude, how awesome is this?" Bauhaus was by far the highlight of the evening. I think I even heard Peter say, "Hey Kayt, why don't you just go home? it's not going to get any better than this tonight."


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